MBHYA Shoulder Bag & Bagcharm

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- Pre-order period: May 7th - May 14th at 12pm
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Hello, this is Mejoo!
We finally introduce the MBHYA shoulder bag that we worked hard to prepare.🧸
It's a sturdy bag that can hold a lot of things.👜
We also prepared a bag charm with MBHYA's face and key color :)
bag product image-S1L3
bag product image-S1L6
The eco bag released in 2018 was really popular!
There were many requests to make a bag like the season 1 bag.
I made a second eco bag that is simpler, lighter, and has good storage capacity :D

bag detail image-S1L10
bag detail image-S1L8
Ivory & Black
We prepared it in two colors
bag product image-S1L43
It is a 2-way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or messenger bag.
bag model image-S1L12
(Use as shoulder bag)
bag model image-S1L13
(Use as messenger bag)
Oh my gosh, what a cute bag charm!
A bag charm containing MBHYA's face and key color was also released :)
put on your favorite cat.
bag detail image-S1L16
bag detail image-S1L18
Bag charms can also be used with other bags.
bag detail image-S1L71
The mood of the bag changes depending on the color of the bag charm.😻
bag detail image-S1L23
bag product image-S1L19
bag detail image-S1L20
bag detail image-S1L21
bag detail image-S1L22
It shows a 15-inch laptop, thick books, a tumbler, an iPad, a pencil case, and two pouches.
There is plenty of space in the bag even if it is fully packed.👍

bag detail image-S1L24
It's so deep.
It holds its shape well, so it doesn't distort even if you put a lot of things in it.

bag detail image-S1L30
bag detail image-S1L42
There are also two pockets on the front.
Put small items such as smartphones, earphones, notebooks, hand cream, lipstick, etc.
bag detail image-S1L28
There is also a zip pocket on the inside.
bag detail image-S1L34
I used this bag well on my travels.✈️
I had no problem packing all my travel luggage.
bag model image-S1L32
bag detail image-S2L1
It's not good to see everything inside the bag.
The bag can be closed with a magnetic button.

bag detail image-S1L40
bag detail image-S1L25
MBHYA's label is on the bottom of the bag.
bag detail image-S1L36
The length of the bag strap is also adjustable.
Use it freely as a shoulder bag & messenger bag.
bag detail image-S1L41
bag detail image-S1L38
bag detail image-S1L52
bag product image-S1L45
bag model image-S1L46
bag detail image-S1L50
bag model image-S1L47
bag detail image-S1L49
bag detail image-S1L57
bag detail image-S1L48
bag detail image-S1L51
bag product image-S1L54
bag detail image-S1L53
bag product image-S1L55
bag product image-S1L56
[Looking closely]
bag product image-S1L77
bag white color image-S8L1
bag white color image-S1L78
bag product image-S1L76
bag detail image-S1L58
bag white color image-S1L63
bag detail image-S1L74
bag detail image-S1L75
bag grey color image-S1L68
[Made in Korea]
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